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    Evaluating the Evaluator!

    Being in charge is no easy task, not only are you responsible for the performance of your staff, but yourself too. So how are you doing? Are you in the foreground with clients or in the back office letting your staff handle all walk-ins? Your employees will reflect what kind of leader drives them, and there is certainly no room for reactions that are negative. This will affect the difference in getting a sale or not. As the owner of your agency, your strategy must include training, motivation and evaluation. Not just for employees, but for you as well. What is more, clients can tell if your staff is not trained well, or their attitudes are constituted poorly, and this philosophy includes you. So shouldn't it be an obligation that others can judge you on? How about the staff members doing an anonymous survey about your part in managing your business professionally? How can you stand firm on the decisions that are your responsibility if nobody ever evaluates you? In fact, without incentives, regular coaching and motivation in the workplace, your team may acquire a loser mindset. This could create trouble for your agency, as it can spread like a wild fire throughout the workplace. This must be nipped in the bud with more questioning about keeping the business running smoothly, and the clients well satisfied. Your team of employees is the key in getting real satisfaction. So perhaps you can have them evaluate you? Indeed, the sales agents could do a survey to grade satisfaction in all domains of their leader. This surveying can be done anonymously if there are issues with anyone giving input. The questionnaires for appraisal don't have to be anonymous, but this is always a good option. It is best left to a professional who can come into the workplace and find out what it needs to make jobs, income and satisfaction great. As a matter of fact, an Industrial Organizational Psychologist will know about industrial psychology, and what surveys target, who gives them, the cost and so forth. He could lead you in the direction about how to get the best of everything, such as morale, attitude toward others, job analysis, your practices, production, safety and much more. These "assessments" are very successful when done with a professional, industrial psychologist. It can be costly, but it is well worth it in the end, because the profit will be the best that it can be, an atmosphere of calmness and cooperation will ensue, workers will be satisfied,and you will be thrilled. In addition, an Industrial Organizational psychologist can work with blue collar or white collar establishments, building sites, mills and more. They can resolve most kinds of problems that exist with various lines of work. They also know how to find out what can increase productivity, how to screen new clients, increase quality, rewrite company policies so as to benefit all, and counsel the workers who are not happy about work related matters. The focus is the employees and the relationship they have to their work. Another way to evaluate is having the workers evaluate each other. This can be accomplished by getting a professional again to run this through, but it can also be done as a simple, anonymous questionnaire. Insight will help you to see what is going on in the way of interactions between work and workers, worker to worker, and you and the workers as a result. Finally, managing time is vital to any business. You, as an owner, cannot possibly spend all of your time on the phone with clients, and you cannot be coaching a worker for hours, or do any of the day to day functions without some kind of time frame. If you are having trouble making the best of your time, and cannot seem to prioritize it for the most important goals you are working toward, then it may be time to get a psychologist to evaluate you and the business.