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    The 6 Essentials That Every Real Estate Website Needs

    Any business website's function is to bring potential customers information about that business. A website designed for a real estate agency is no different. You want to create a combination of easy navigation, appealing design, and business functionality. You want to provide a website that will be a valuable resource to your visitors. You want to make your business look great. Here are 6 essential ingredients for creating a great real estate website.

    Design For Your Audience As you build your website keep your target audience in mind every step of the way. Are you targeting buyers, sellers or both? Is your audience in a specific area of the country or nationwide? Focus on who you want to attract to your website and cater your site to them so that they will keep coming back. Make sure that, from the first page, you address the needs of your audience.

    Use Search Engine Optimization Many of your potential customers won't come straight to your website to search for listings. They will use a search engine to search for their property criteria. If your website uses Search Engine Optimization, SEO, your listings will show up on their search and that will direct them to your website where your easy to navigate, great looking design will grab their attention and keep them there.

    Ensure You Have Image optimization A fundamental part of any real estate listing is the pictures. It is essential that your website be able to handle a large number of high-quality images. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and nowhere is that truer than in the real estate business.

    Create A Blog Although the listings are the main focus of your website, a well crafted blog with interesting articles will increase your site's traffic and bring you potential customers who might never find you by searching listings. It can also be a resource for your customers.

    Give Your Visitors Something To Do Great listings and interesting articles will bring you traffic but you need to give your visitors something to do if you don't want to loose them. Give them downloadable resources. Have a form where they can leave you feedback. Allow them an easy way to request more information on a listing that has captured their interest. Give them ways to interact with your site so that they are not just passively reading content.

    Get Their Email Address If you simply ask your visitors for their e-mail and make it easy for them to provide it, you have guaranteed that they will see your business name over and over again. You will be able to build a contact e-mail database, deliver website or listing updates,and feature your best content in a newsletter that comes directly to their inbox. Remember that your website should be as unique as your business. A well designed visually appealing website will support your business and help you find new customers.