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    Reliability of Advance Commission

    Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business.

    Why wait up to six weeks, sometimes more to get paid?

    You can now receive your commission within 4 hours, in just three easy steps.

    As you know in the real estate industry there is usually a six-week timeframe from when a sale is made and the point at which payment is received for that sale.

    The lag in time from sale to payment can and is often crippling for a business, particularly in a contracting market.

    Are you aware that there is a simple way to control your cash flow?


    Factoring has been around since Adam was a boy and is the best kept financing secret in business today.

    Factoring, or commission funding is a legitimate and simple financing tool that turns your debtors (commissions owing) into immediate payers, so that you can fund business expenses and leverage growth.

    Cashflow funding has been used by multi-billion dollar corporations for the past twenty years, but is now gaining in popularity for smaller businesses that otherwise could not obtain the immediate funding to expand.

    Cash flow funding is not a loan. There is no debt repayment, no compromise to your balance sheet, no long-term agreements or delays associated with other methods of raising capital. Cash flow funding allows you to use your own hard earned assets to create cash for the growth needs of your company today.

    We're like a conjunction agent who pays you upon unconditional exchange.

    For a moderate tax deductible fee you can have access to your hard earned commission in less than 4 hours.

    By removing the headaches of juggling cash flow, cash flow funding frees up your time to focus on doing what you do best... making sales.

    It’s your money, so get paid NOW!

    This is a totally confidential service with no vendor or solicitor involvement required.

    Commission advance solutions for Real Estate Agents across Australia with our express commission solution! "Commission Flow to Cash in 4hrs... that's our express commission guarantee @ PaidOnExchange.com.au"! We're your Real Estate Factoring solution!

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