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    Six Ways to Use Your Advance Commission

    Most businesses experience a wide variety of business issues on an ongoing basis. Since businesses go through various life cycles, such as the start up, growth (and hopefully) the maturity stage, it is important for business owners to be prepared for all stages of the business cycle.

    Most new businesses experience a wide variety of growth pains, particularly cash flow issues. Businesses that are growing and are more established also face cash flow issues as well - even though they may have already moved beyond the initial start up or maturity stage. It's important for businesses to have a backup plan to avoid financial difficulties that could arise at any stage of the venture. Such as Advance commission, which can be used as an immediate source of access to cash. There are many ways that Advance commission can be use in your business. We've developed six ways that you can use your advanced commission in a manner that you may not have considered before. Especially since the rates can be as low as $150 per transaction, and our services are an easy, fast alternative to obtaining immediate access to cash: - sending your clients thank you gifts - get the word out about your business by designing and sending out newsletters, prospect cards or open house cards - place an ad in the local newspaper - market your business online - make an investment in new or additional signage - you can also use the funds for pending bills - or you can just treat yourself for all of the hard work that you've put into the business thus far.

    Most of these areas are typical ways that business owners will spend their money. But there are other things to consider that could give your business the lift it deserves. 1) Raising Capital- many small businesses soon find that obtaining funding is one of the largest mountains to climb. Especially the newer entrepreneurs, who normally lack the assets required for collateral. Advance commission can make it easier for them to move the business beyond the initial start up stage.

    2) Keeping up with growth -It's every small business owners dream to have an increase in sales. However whenever sales increases, the cost associated with those sales increase as well. This could put a demand on cash. Business owners who do not manage growth well may experience cash flow issues - some of which may cause the business to close. Advance commissions can bridge this gap so that you can keep your business moving forward.

    3) Trading and Cash Flow Difficulties - sometimes business owners have to wait several weeks before receiving their commission. This can reduce working capital, which can slow the business down and result in major trading challenges. Advance commission can address this area by allowing you to get the cash you need and move on with business as normal.

    4) Seasonal Sales - many businesses may experience peak periods throughout the year, when sales are significantly higher during some months than they are during other months. During those slow periods, businesses could experience cash shortages. It is during this time that having access to cash is of great importance. Advance commission can also provide funding during the slower months to ensure that you sustain your business until the peak periods roll around again.

    5) Selling the Business - there may be cases when a business becomes available for sale to employees or managers. They may miss out on this opportunity if the cash is not readily available. Advance commission can help by making the funds available right away.

    6) Acquisition - there may be an opportunity to acquire another business, possibly even your competitors business. You may be short on funds and unable to purchase the business. Advanced commission can provide you with the funds needed, in addition to a steady cash flow. Advanced commissions can be used for so many areas, not just for an emergency when you really need to increase your cash flow. Now you know more about how you can use commission advance for your specific cash needs and business situation.

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