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    A Mentor can make all the difference

    Finding a good mentor for your business is essential for success. A mentor is more than a person that gives you advice about your business. They are someone who can help you realize your real estate business potential while giving you professional support and encouragement. A mentor is someone who allows you to bounce ideas off of them as well as providing their own suggestions. It is a professional relationship that is very beneficial to your success. Mentoring relationships are for the long-term. In most cases it becomes a life-long association. Your mentor is, in fact a valuable asset to your company. With this in mind, finding the right mentor is very important. There are four steps you can follow to find the right mentor. Search Within Your Group Of Associates Begin your search within your group of family and friends. Make sure to include people that you have had business dealings with in the past, including your old bosses and co-workers. Think about people that you have dealt with on a professional level that you found successful and would like to emulate. Reach out to these people. Even if they are not able to be a mentor to you, they will provide you with valuable resources that you can use to find the right mentor. Utilize the LinkedIn network. LinkedIn is a social network that has been created for professionals. It allows you to post a professional profile that includes your experience, education, and skills. This network allows you to see who is connected to whom professionally, improving your chances for making the right business connections and finding a mentor. When you find someone either online or offline that you believe would be a good mentor, make sure that you approach them in a manner that will make them feel comfortable being your mentor. Present your ideas to them and show them that you are worth their time and effort. Networking Matters Networking is crucial to the success of any business. Networking also exposes you to the people that could be your potential mentor. Attending networking events should be a age part of your business plan. You should strive to attend as many business expositions as possible, as well as local networking events. Join charity organizations that are comprised of business professionals. Each opportunity you take advantage of will introduce you to people that can improve your business and potentially become your business mentor. It is also important not to limit yourself only to real estate centered networking events. All business networking gatherings have the potential to introduce you to your mentor and make business acquaintances. Observe Successful Business Professionals Take the time to observe people that you perceive as successful. Watch how they interact with others. Examine how they personally conduct themselves around others and in different situations. Take notes so that you can ask them questions or have a starting point for a conversation. Before you decide to ask this person to become your mentor, make sure that you are somewhat aware of their schedule. If this person is over consumed with work they will not have the time to be a good mentor to you. Look for someone that has the ability to give you the time you need to become success. Down Time With Your Mentor It is very important that you personally get along with your mentor. There must be more than a working relationship; a friendship must find a way to form. Take the time to interact with your mentor in ways that are not business related. Have lunch, get a cup of coffee, or do something that will just allow the two of you to talk and interact. If you need more assistance in finding the right mentor, or you would like more information about running a successful real estate business, please feel free to contact us at 1300 667 286.